domenica 31 marzo 2013

Tanglu logo - some modifications

I am just considering some modifications to the first round of sketches, the original post is here.

Different color:

Different font:

Playing nice with other shapes (examples):

martedì 26 marzo 2013

Another logo proposal for Tanglu

After several attempts I am satisfied with this one (for now), so below is my proposal for the Tanglu logo.
Note: the text part is just for positioning reference, used just plain Vera Sans font but think the font part needs some care.

Variations of the above one and other possible uses:

A shortened "making of" and some draft versions:

Link to the post on the tanglu-devel mailing list with more description about the logo.

Download the above images in editable SVG format:

Creative Commons License
Tanglu logo proposal by Ink Apnea is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

giovedì 29 novembre 2012

Hello, ehm, world?

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